Live Music Odense


Fallen are the towers, crumbling are the walls, silent is the shadow, moving through it all Naked is the body, broken is the skin, mournful is the soul, haunting from within Endless is the fall, endless and alone, deathless is the king, upon his dying throne.

After two EPs and the critically and publicly acclaimed debut album “Mørkt Forår” (2018), Offermose is back with a new offering, ‘Stilhedens Tårn’. The sophomore album due on October 16th 2020. Dissonant howls from the charred ruins of the Berlin School era, penetrates the heavy fog of the Dungeon Synth lineage. The edges of our comprehension burns. Poisonous black smoke evaporates into cosmic emptiness. This is the coming of a new Dark Age.

Doors open at 20.00
Concert Starts at 21.00