Live Music Odense


Doors open at 18.00 // DJ from 18.00 // First band from 19.00
Door kr. 200,- // Preorder kr. 125,- (+ fee)
** Members of Bhaal Fest gets door for 125,-
** This venue charges kr. 20,- for jackets (Battlevests not included).
// Zornheym (Symphonic Extreme) (SE/Stockholm) (Start 21:00)
Symphonic Extreme Metal band based in Sweden founded and led by multi-instrumental mastermind and songwriter Zorn.
Zornheym quickly grew from an ambitious idea into a dramatic musical and cinematic narrative revolving around the horrors of a mental institution and its prisoners.

// Raven Throne (Atmospheric Black) (BY/Polatsk) (Start 20:00)
Raven Throne is the atmospheric black metal act formed in the northern part of Belarus in the faint year of 2004.
Over time, through searches and discoveries, achievements and losses Raven Throne is looking for invisible trails to the mysteries of Non-being.
Inspired by the beauty of eternal Winter as before, he continues the endless falling into the Abyss.

// Demolizer (Oldschool Thrash) (SE/Stockholm) (Start 19:00)
Formed in 2018, plays gut-crushing, hard-hitting and unfiltered thrash metal that will have you picking up your teeth with crushed fingers after barely surviving the pit.
Demolizer is the manifestation of a big, angry middle finger pointed towards the Establishment, giving you the hardest, fastest and thrashiest thrash metal you could ever dream of!
If you like Slayer, Exodus and/or, Municipal Waste, then you will love these guys.

// The Druid (DJ) (US/San Diego) (Start 18:00)
Through the mist and into the darkness, the druid wanders and brings with him the destructive experience of sounds between the bands and after the livemusic has ended, keep your ears plugged, because he will make you bleed otherwise. Always expect random mid 80’ies classic heavy metal tracks as well.
He will play from doors open, between the bands and after livemusic has stopped, not to mention forever in your head.

This event is hosted together with Musikhuset Posten.
This event is hosted together with Odense Kommunes Musikudvalg.