Live Music Odense


Som det afbildes i H.C. Andersens historie Skyggen, har ethvert lys en skygge. Træd derfor væk fra sommersolen og lad denne lysinstallation med dens dybe, dragende rytmer tage dig med på en rejse, hvor du har muligheden for at opdage dig selv!

AV AV AV (DJ set)
ELOQ, DJ E.D.D.E.H and Unkwon are three of Denmark’s most sought-after producers and DJs, tearing up clubs and festivals across Scandinavia. Together, they form a formidable super trio called AV AV AV, who make an eclectic sound that takes in frazzled ambience, bass music and uplifting, laser-dappled club music inspired by the golden era of UK house. The trio have described their sound as “emotional and peaceful but still devastating and danceable”. They’ve played for Red Bull, BBC Radio 1, Roskilde Festival. They’ve received a GAFFA award for their 2018 release, Fundamental Physics vol 1, and the Steppeulv producer of the year 2016.

Billie Jo (SE)
Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Billie Jo is a producer and DJ that for the past few years has been making her mark in the city’s techno scene. Her productions manifest the fast and focused situation she’s projecting through her DJ-sets, and her tracks are not seldom blessed with the appearance of her own vocals.Although having strong roots in her hometown, Billies first two vinyls were released outside of Sweden: ‘The Ravenous EP’ on Spencer Parker’s label Work Them Records in 2019, followed by ’Ne Plus Ultra EP’ one year later on Vincent Neumann’s label Unitas Multiplex in Leipzig in 2020 (including a remix Copenhagen based Fast Forward Productions co-founder Sugar). Billies hard hitting and speedy techno found its way back home to Sweden with her third EP ‘LILIES7’ via Gothenburg based Lilies (ran by DJ Lily and Sailor Juul).

BACH (live)
Odense’ own, BACH has been a purveyor of techno in the city since 1990. He was often DJ’ing at the notorious Rocket Club at Rytmeposten, the same venue we play at today. He was found playing at most other club events in town and organising events him self as well. Tinnitus was also at Rytmeposten.
BACH is a DJ and producer, for this special event, he will sample sounds recorded on the streets of Odense and use the samples to play live in an atmospheric techno concert.