Live Music Odense


The ODEOLOGY team have been creating visually intense electronic music events since 2018. This time in the unique harbor Wearhouse transformed into a creative space by Dynamo Circus.
This event is part of LOCATION X 10 years celebration festival. A celebration for all citizens – whether you feel like an alien, a survivor, or a go-go dancer of Odense!
Line up:
Lyra Valenza (live)
Fracturing their way out of the snoozy 4/4 paradigm to flourish in the all-engulfing rave hyperspace, Lyra Valenza create pulsating tapestries of mischievous electronics that resonate deep within shape-shifting webs of hybridized jungle, footwork extravaganza, high-velocity hardcore and glassy, future-ready atmospherics.

Vixen (Fast Forward Productions)
Vixen aka Antonina Karakostova is a Bulgarian-born and Copenhagen-based DJ and producer. Since 2017 she has been gaining momentum both in the Danish scene and internationally, delivering uncompromising vinyl-focused fast techno sets which combine straightforward techno with industrial, trance and acid influences. In parallel, she is also continuously developing her sound as a producer with already several releases behind her.

Distortion Trio
DISTORTION TRIO is a Go-Go dance performance made by LOCATION X. Accompanied with a 2 x 2 m podiums and a sound system three very different professional dance artists, Birgitte Skands (DK) & Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse (DK) and Taneli Törmä (FIN/DK) will make the audience dance, and at the same time staging themselves as objects submitted the reactions of the audience. Choreographer and performer Taneli Törmä claims, being past 30 years old, that his go-go dancing is not what it used to be. However, by staging himself at the podium provides him and the other dancers a possibility to investigate the line between being an object and the subjective freedom – the freedom of being a person. The original music for the performance is produced by Lappish sound designer Esa M. Mattila, whose main musical inspiration derives from the early 90’s US house and techno tracks.

Anders Olesen
Co-founder of Proton Agency and former director of PHONO festival, Anders performed at our third event as part of the Darmstadt DJ’s, check them out