Live Music Odense


Doors open at 20.00 // DJ from 20.00 // First band from 21.00
Door kr. 150,- // Preorder kr. 100,- // Earlybird kr. 75,-

** This venue charges kr. 20,- for jackets (Battlevests not included).

// Alkymist (Progressive Doom) (DK/Copenhagen) (Start 23:00)

Danish heavy-metalists ALKYMIST, was formed in 2016 by guitarist Stefan Krey (Gas Giant), bass player Kaspar Luke (Düreforsög) and vocalist Peter Bjørneg (Detest). In 2017 and drummer Philip Kjær Morthorst (The Ritual) completed the lineup. The intention was to create the heaviest possible music within an atmospheric universe.

The bands musical approach is free from trivialities and limitations, resulting in a modern interpretation of doom metal with intensive layers of instrumentation, melodic compositional progression and a captivating lyrical universe.

They lets the music generate a space for interpretation, in which the listener is able to form own images, moods and conceptions. You are invited into a boundary pushing world full of paradoxes, primordial forces in a complex, intense and lyrical soundscape.

// Heathe (Blackened Drone) (DK/Aalborg) (Start 22:00)

Heathe is a project born in Aalborg, Denmark, with a core of one single person and an ever changing lineup.

Taking its starting point in dissonance and endless repetitions, Heathe conjure massive and overwhelming, sonic walls of reverb trenched and metallic sounding noise collages, where desperate screams shrouded in colossal aggressive energy bursts reverberate in an endless darkness.

In a live setting Heathe unfolds as a 8-12 piece orchestra, where strings, horns, guitars, drums and organs paint trance inducing and massive soundscapes where eternity and the present moments melt together in an almost ceremoniel experience.

// Slowjoint (Bongsludge) (DK/South Jutland) (Start 21.00)

Slowjoint is an American-inspired sludge metal trio from South Jutland, Denmark. They’re all about loud amps, beer, bourbon and not giving a f*ck! Simple blues-driven bongsludge with a sense of humor and a lot of riffs…. and weed!

// The Druid (US/San Diego)

Through the mist and into the darkness, the druid wanders and brings with him the destructive experience of sounds between the bands and after the livemusic has ended, keep your ears plugged, because he will make you bleed otherwise. Always expect random mid 80’ies classic heavy metal tracks as well.

He will play from doors open, between the bands and after livemusic has stopped, not to mention forever in your head.