Live Music Odense


Doors open at 18.00 // DJ from 18.00 // First band from 19.00
Door kr. 125,- // Members kr. 100,- // Preorder kr. 100 (+ fee)

** This venue charges kr. 20,- for jackets (Battlevests not included).

// Warbell (Melodic Death) (PL/Jelenia Góra) (Start 22:00)

The founders of Warbell are Marcin “Maroon” Witeska, Piotr “Peter” Hasioli and Paweł “Bloody” Szczypka. At the beginning, they played covers, but soon they began composing their own music. The drummer Patryk Kryński joined the permanent line-up and several people tried on the vocals, but none for longer. At the end of 2009, they released a demo called “Battle Of Unnumbered Tears” with Bloody’s vocals. In 2010 the band suspended activity.

They returned to the stage in 2013 with Rafał “Viader” Wiaderek behind the drums and Karolina ,,Gigi” Więcek as a vocalist. This line-up re-released the demo from 2009 and started working on a new material. On December 1st 2015, in cooperation with Goressimo Records, they released their debut full-length album “Havoc”, which has received very good reviews both in Poland and abroad. In 2016, one of the founders – Maroon – left the band for personal reasons, but remained involved in composing Warbell’s music. Since then, several musicians appeared as live guitarists.

2019 was a year of a new album – “Plague” and it’s release was followed by another european tour.


// Kurgan (Melodic Death) (DK/Fårevejle) (Start 21:00)

The metal band Kurgan was formed in 2014 in Faarevejle, Denmark. Ever since the band has played original music with high energy and commitment. Kurgan plays a wicked mix of various metal sub-genres.

The melodic themes of the viking metal are mixed with frostbitten black metal riffs and thunderous death metal grooves. The atmosphere remains in the dark universe when Kurgan takes the stage where neither virtuoso guitar solos, hammering double kicks or roaring growls are spared.


// Arsenic Addict (Death) (DK/Odense) (Start 20:00)

The band plays death metal with blasting beats, meaty riffs and ominous melodic pieces. The inspiration lies in the madness that lurks in the darkest corners of the human minds.

Starting with the troubled world of serial killers, the first terrifying numbers were created in 2016, and by the end of 2017 they were ready to invite audiences down the torture cellar to crushing heavy death metal.

Since then, the band has made the nights unsafe around the country for the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle.


// Eciton (Death) (DK/København) (Start 19:00)

With the release of their second album “A Scent of Vera City” ECITON has taken the fast catchy brutality to the border and mixed it with technical riffs. The text revolves around man’s mental state and double standards. Here in among a sharp and critical view of the liberal political agenda, there through the media helps to influence our perception. This illustrated, sometimes in an ironic way through lyrics and cover illustrations.

The Danish death metal band ECITON was formed in 2000 by musicians who over the past 12 years had been involved in numerous death metal bands and projects, with the clear intention to play brutal and uncompromising death metal.


// The Druid (US/San Diego)

Through the mist and into the darkness, the druid wanders and brings with him the destructive experience of sounds between the bands and after the livemusic has ended, keep your ears plugged, because he will make you bleed otherwise. Always expect random mid 80’ies classic heavy metal tracks as well.

He will play from doors open, between the bands and after livemusic has stopped, not to mention forever in your head.