Live Music Odense

Bhaal Fest VIII : Valkenrag x Crown the Beast x GoatHawkBuffalo

20.00-21.00 The Druid
21.00-22.00 GoatHawkBuffalo
22.00-23.00 Crown the Beast
23.00-00.00 (natten over) Valkenrag

Doors open at 20.00 // DJ from 20.00 // First band from 21.00
Door kr. 150,- // Preorder kr. 100,- // Earplugs kr. 20,-** This venue charges kr. 20,- for jackets (Battlevests not included).// Valkenrag (Melodic Death) (PL/Łódź) (Start 23:00)The musical project Valkenrag has been evolving for a long time. Initially, it was only an idea in the minds of two musicians from Tomaszow who earlier played in “Slaughterhouse”.Thematically, according to the original assumption, the composition was strongly associated with both pagan Slavs, the Scandinavian mythology and the negative outlook on the processes of Christianization in early medieval Europe.Brutal melodic death from Łódź. The music they play are inspired by Nordic, Slavic and a broad range of pre-Christian beliefs.