Live Music Odense

faratuben (AFLYST)

*This is the main event out of two, the pre-event is the Cheza Mijni workshop from 20-22 💃🏼

Faratuben is a great meeting between first rate rate musicians from Mali and Denmark.

The name, a mix of the words Farafi (black) and Toubabu (white).

Instead of playing the traditional kora music, that we know from Toumani Diabaté and Salif Keita, the group are representing the bobo-culture. The bobo-music is made for dancing and drinking, and is traditionally played on only balafon and talking drums. In the beginning of 2000 it has been electrified and brought to the small clubs in Bamako, where it is played in a rough and harddriven way. The award-winning group, Faratuben, is reinventing this clubsound and creates their own style that is now spreading in this cultural capital.
The music is clearly from this milennium with lots of synthesizers and clubbeats, but still rooted in the traditions from the bobo-villages. A very unique live-act coming from Africa and definitely a must-see hybrid. (or, must-dance)