Live Music Odense

Tengil & Nathan Aeli

Quasi symphonic ambience blended
with alternative noise rock

…like an emotional bliss of The Cure and At The Drive-In.

Tengil’s eye-opening musical style has developed to an almost heavenly wall of aggressive sound. Commanding a mind-bending and dynamic meld of quasi-symphonic rock, noise and catchy melodies, Tengil wields its wide-reaching range over varied tempos and electronics, executed with a raw energy that suggests a mash up of The Cure and At The Drive-In.

While the band tabs itself as “a spiritual task, an impulsion to through music tell the story of moments passing you by, the longing to live and die at the same time, to always be both among and in flames,” the most accurate assessment would be to let the art, itself, do the talking.

– Middle Man Records & Chuchi Records (Respire, Coma Regalia, Cavalcades, Ostraca…)

Alternative indie / emo pop, a mixture of Alexisonfire, The National, Mew & Saosin.

A thick wall of guitar-based sound drenched in reverb.