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PUNK med Nexø, Pissed og Power Regression

NEXØ is a brand new explosive punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark.
The four-piece was founded in the wake of Trump’s election, and forged in the fires of stupidity and hatred that burns everywhere on this doomed planet. NEXØ is fueled by equal parts revolutionary indignation and apathetic frustration about the state of the world.
The music is fast and furious – an unholy alliance of 80s hardcore and 21st century punkrock – and their live shows are like a fist of raw energy; clearly cementing that while the band might be new, the musicians each have well over a decade of involvment with the scene.
Their combined experience is clearly audible when you listen to the sharp compositions and the confident energy on the coming debut album New Normal.

The music of NEXØ seeks to emulate how it feels to observe the deroute of civilisation. That eerie sensation which is sort of like skydiving without a parachute. Gorgeous overviews, ecstating adrenaline and imminent death all rolled up into one juicy, devastating trip.

The lyrics are a vital part of the band. The leadsinger is also a journalist and a published author, and that shows in a political edge that doesn’t succumb to cliches. The apathy about the current state of the world and the consequent decent into drug sedation is the theme of the opening banger ”The Chemical Generation”, while the closer of the album ”Break the Bank” restores a shot of hope: ”The times are not a’changing, we are changing the times”. 2019 will see the release of NEXØ’s debut album as well as tours in Denmark and abroad.

When humanity is spinning out of control NEXØ is the soundtrack that fuels the apocalypse.

Drums: Alex Ferlini
Guitar: Jakob Møller
Bass: Jonas Lint
Vocals: Kristian Ejlebæk
Power Regression and Pissed. The two finest punk bands in town ♥

A 4-person streetpunk band from Odense. The music is fast and furious, while the lyrics are about boots in the asses of corrupt police, politicians and society in general. Last time they play Studenterhuset we had a blast!

50/70kr online sale (Student/non-Student)
+20kr if you pay on the door
20kr wardrobe charge