Live Music Odense

Bhaal Fest & Metal Mekka : Haunted House

Doors open at 21.00 // DJ from 21.00 // Band from 00.30
Door kr. 30,- // Cloakroom kr. 20,- // Earplugs kr. 10,-

// Dead Witch (Nordic Hardcore) (DK/Odense) (Start 01.00)

Sonically founded in the roots of hardcore, Dead Witch have a distinct nordic sound, while drawing from stoner metal, doom, and post-metal.

The human condition and all flavors of present day fundamentalism are treated with a healthy dose of disdain in the lyrics.

// Blodbader (Black Doom) (DK/Århus) (Start 00.30)

Blodbader operate in a noisy universe, alternating between dissonant harmonies, gloomy melodies and shredding walls of sound. Although the compositions contain elements from black, doom and progressive metal, each song come with a unique signature; a red line of roaring guitars, sinister growling and dynamic rhythms that characterize the Aarhus based quintet.

// The Druid (Start 21.00)

Through the mist and into the darkness, the druid wanders and brings with him the destructive experience of sounds between the bands and after the live music has ended, keep your ears plugged, because he will make you bleed otherwise. Always expect random mid 80’ies classic heavy metal tracks as well.

// Dj Dirty Farfar (Start 21.00)

Again, the Dirty Farfar will show up unexpected and try and teach the Druid about faster and more angry tunes, but they will work together to the best of their abilities.

Bhaal Fest Fest is a decentralized rock and metal party of various sub genres anywhere and anytime, both with live music, friday bars and after parties.

Metal Mekka is a local organisation that utilizes volunteer work to book bands for rock and metal concerts. They, just like Bhaal Fest, do their best to get around all the genres, so everybody is happy.

PåTaget is a venue in the center of Odense with a stage perfect for rowdy bands and dancing guests who also enjoys perfectly mixed cocktails and a nearly endless stream of beers.