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22-årige Jontavious Willis voksede op i Georgia, hvor han sang gospel i Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church sammen med sin bedstefar. Nu hyldes ham som den nye store stemme i det 21. århundrede indenfor akustisk blues.

Her er 3 spørgsmål til Jontavious Willis om hvad blues musikken betyder for ham:

What do the blues mean to you?

To me the blues is the most important musical genre and the roots of many others. Deeper than that it is a cultural thing for me and my heritage. I feel when I play the blues I am connecting with those before me and presenting it to others, a spiritual type thing.

How do you describe your sound?

My instrument sound is simple; my voice is what I put on the forefront. I feel that’s what the blues is about. When you start focusing on your instrument more than vocals you are forgetting the purpose of the blues, which is to tell a story.

How do you connect as a young black man in the 21st century with the music of your great-great grandfather?

In some aspects the same problems of those day are still occurring. Out of all the current music I connect with the blues the best. The same blues songs of the Jim Crow era can still be sung today. The songs about getting mistreated and abused are still fights we battle daily.