Live Music Odense


Molecule is one of the most exciting producers in today’s French electronic music scene. Seeking inspiration for his music in nature. The Paris based producer and head of Mille Feuilles Label, Molécule, has been called “the pioneer of nomadic electronic music” in France after his last two transmedia and meta-sonic projects 60°43’Nord and -22.7°C. His most recent project took him to Greenland. He brought with him his electro-survival kit — a home studio featuring keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and most importantly, highly sophisticated microphones with which to capture the sonic atmosphere of his new ecosystem. For thirty-six days Molécule roamed the sea ice and fjords, searching for sounds and — most importantly — impressions from a radically personal, human adventure. The resulting album was titled after the lowest temperature he experienced. Before the Arctic exploration, he used to observe the sea. Having spent weeks on a North-Atlantic fishing trawler, again picking up and using sounds. The sets impress because of the combined industrial sounds of fishing boats and those of the high seas.