Live Music Odense

80’s Party! with the Boys From Heaven

Rasmus aka Ra:skl has, since his official debut with bass collective RMS in 2009, been pushing his way up on the bass scene as one of Dubsteps deadliest producers and DJs. Throughout the years RA:SKL has been breaking boundaries one step at the time, challenging the forces of apocalypse with shredding basslines and tearing drums.
As a proud member of the Abducted Records family and a mind set to break down the unfortunate human’s despicable dependance on yesterday, RA:SKL will keep pushing the limits ’till his heart stops beating.

The 1980’s! The decade of brick sized cellular phones, metal bands with BIG hair and girls who just wanted to have fun!!

The decade U2 couldn’t find what they where looking for, Whitney Houston always loved you and Rick Astley said he’s never going to give you up.

The decade when Ridley Scott’s, Blade Runner predicted that in 2019, we’d be cruising around in space ships having androids work for us on off-world colonies.

THE BEST decade so far!!! Call your friends on the land line and arrange to meet outside the Student House at 7pm because MOBILES DON’T EXIST!

kl 19-21 Back to the 80’s pubquiz with Quizmaster Tine Turner
kl 21-22 Live music from the Boys From Heaven
kl 22-01 Dancing in the Dark with our 80’s DJ

Boys From Heaven play epic and grandiose rock music.
They are a seven piece group with elements like soaring lead guitars; wide, luscious vocal harmonies; dominating piano riffs and heroic saxofon solos, the band possesses a rock solid catalogue of original rock music.

Boys From Heaven draws inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s rock scene, with bands like Toto and Journey, as well as from the more “classic” rock scene, with legends like the Who. The band’s music manages to be unique and innovative, whilst also being reminiscent of a time when music was more ambitious, more varied and most importantly, more FUN! Who says that songs in the major key can’t have a soulful shred solo? Not Boys From Heaven, that’s for sure!

The EP “No Way! But Anyway” was released in October and was praised by critics, who had the following to say:

“[…] […No Way! But Anyway is] probably the strongest and most well executed Danish debut release that I have heard this year.” (translated) 4 out of 5 stars
– Bands of Tomorrow (DK)

Originally born in Salisbury in the UK, CELO began his drum & bass journey at the age of 15, after buying his first Helter Skelter tape pack, Energy 97. Leading to a desire to DJ after hearing sets from his idols Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Dillinja, Randall and many others, he bought his first 1210’s at the age of 18, and from there was fully hooked. Taking part in a DJ competition at the legendary Enzo’s nightclub in 2000, CELO won best DJ in the D&B room, which led to gigs in and around Salisbury.
Now DJing in Denmark through club nights such as UFO Bass, Swing and Bass and Subhive, he is well and truly back in the D&B game!