Live Music Odense

Materia (PL) and Mindmare

We are very excited to see the return of Mindmare. They are a 6 piece melodic death metal band from Odense. They’ve been on the scene for 13 years now and on March 22nd they will release their new record.

Materia are one of Poland’s most known Metal bands. They’ve played hundreds of gigs in the country and have started touring further afield.

The band was formed in November, 2007 by two brothers Michał “Mihu” and Tadeusz “Tede” Piesak and their good friend Jakub “Marcia” Marciniak. Finally in the beginning of 2009 they released their first demo “Vandals”. In 2010 Adrian “Adi” Dubiński joined Materia on the second guitar. His talent opened the band for a new, improved sound and it was another step ahead.

After 6 years Materia got their big break in the most popular talent show in Poland, where they won 2nd place.

They have had the honour of sharing stages with bands such as: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Dog Eat Dog, Hunter, Decapitated, Frontside and many more!

They played on such festivals as: Sonisphire (2010), Przystanek Woodstock (2011), Jarocin Festial (2010). Metal Fest (2013).